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The Process


We organise and manage every aspect of your aerial shoot.

There are 4 distinct stages to consider when planning your aerial video or photographic shoot – here is a guide to help you understand the process.


This is the starting point, following your enquiry we look at the feasibility of the project where we do our research and work with you to find out how we can best achieve your requirements. We look at the location, proposed time schedule, and your objectives for the project.


This stage is where we look at the look at the detailed planning and preparation – we carry out the flight safety assessments, gain permissions, prepare equipment and resources for the project.


At this stage we are ready to shoot the aerial imagery. On the day we carry out the on site assessments, establish the safe operating environment and then fly and shoot the footage. We organise and manage every aspect of the aerial shoot to ensure we achieve what was agreed.


If your requirements are for simple photographs and video footage which might not need editing we deliver these the next day, however most projects would require photographic and video editing post production and we can provide this as an inclusive in-house service. We work with you to review and approve the shots and sequence and refine the finished product.